I'm Pippa Mars.


I live in the Pacific Northwest with my family in a country hideaway with two marvelous cats. I’ve been crafting since I was a little girl growing up in a world before television.


I sometimes think I have no artistic center – I'm drawn to making too many kinds of things from so many kinds of paper and cloth. Other times I find I’m comfortable thinking of myself as a flying fish, a creature that can thrive in more than one world.


I believe it's very important that we "grownups" keep making toys for and with the children we love, so the heritage of handcrafts (and fun!) continues to flourish in an increasingly digital world. And that, no matter how old we are,  we also cherish the pleasures of play. Craftdesignworks is my place on the web to share what I make, what I like and what you can make from the patterns I design.


My patterns are intended to be just a starting point for you, like training wheels. They cover the basic techniques you need to be successful, but also almost always include options for multiple character variations. I invite you to use a craftdesignworks pattern to make something very personal, not just to follow along.  Especially when it comes to toymaking, we each have a personal vision. I hope to inspire you to take off pedaling on your own journey and inhabit the land of your imagination. To find out more about me and my arts/crafts journey, please check out my blog.

And I'm sending you a wish that you’ll be able to find a bit of time to explore some of your own creativity today!

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