Little Rabbit Pattern - PDF download
Little Rabbit Pattern - PDF download
Little Rabbit Pattern - PDF download
Little Rabbit Pattern - PDF download
Little Rabbit Pattern - PDF download
Little Rabbit Pattern - PDF download

Little Rabbit Pattern - PDF download

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Hey there, little rabbit.

Here's an easy-to-sew little beastie you can make in an afternoon. Crafted from boiled wool, felt, or fleece, your bunny can be a finger puppet that peeks out of the top of a stocking, an ornament for your tree or tablescape, or a very special package topper. Your PDF download includes the pattern you can print out on card stock and fully illustrated instructions (with how to prep boiled wool), with patterns for optional costumes and accessories. Or, if you'd prefer to get an already-printed pattern in the mail, click here.

If you're new to sewing, you'll find the instructions beginner-friendly whether you have a sewing machine or want to learn hand-stitching techniques for toymaking. Children under 10 will most likely need adult accompaniment in order to succeed unless they already have a bit of sewing experience.  And if you're more experienced at sewing, you'll find lots of creative costume and accessories options for exercising your imagination. For some ideas to get you started, visit the Design-Your-Own page or our Customers' Character Gallery.

Bunnies are about 5 inches tall, so fit right into the 1:12 standard for dollhouses. Making a batch of little rabbits could be a great way to prep for the holidays this year. Make different characters and/or enlist the children in your life to design costumes for the characters. Please note: bunnies have small parts and are not suitable for children under 3.

If you don't want to round up all the supplies you need to make rabbits click here for the everything-but-the-scissors kit that includes the printed pattern and instructions.

If you'd like to source materials yourself, here's what you'll need to make each little rabbit:

  • Body fabric: 10” x 5” piece of felt, fleece, or boiled wool
  • Costume fabric: felt, cottons, wool, tulle, etc.
  • Notions: ribbon, lace, trim, ric-rac, etc.
  • Eyes: 3mm opaque black glass seed beads (6/0), 2 per bunny
  • Thread:
    • body: all-purpose thread
    • whiskers, eyes: button & carpet/button craft thread
    • embroidered features: embroidery thread
  • Needle for hand sewing
  • Polyester stuffing: small amount for head
  • Card stock or index stock for pattern pieces
  • Chopstick or turning stick
  • Glue: Strong-holding fabric glue: Beacon Fabri-tac or Aleene’s OK to Wash I, hot glue or permanent glue dots
  • Optional:
    • Yarn for bunny tail
    • Disappearing marker for marking position of eyes, nose, mouth
    • Fabric markers for shading: pink, brown



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