Little Pig Pattern - PDF download
Little Pig Pattern - PDF download
Little Pig Pattern - PDF download
Little Pig Pattern - PDF download
Little Pig Pattern - PDF download
Little Pig Pattern - PDF download

Little Pig Pattern - PDF download

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Puppets! How about stitching an adorable finger puppet piglet?

Here's a little puppet you can make in an afternoon, a beginner sewing project that takes you step-by-step through the basic skills for stitching toys.

Starting to learn to sew? You'll find the instructions beginner-friendly using a sewing machine or completely by hand.  

And if you're more experienced at stitching, this pattern will open the door to a series of simple, creative, fun options for adding character to your little pig. Top hats, bonnets, skirts, scarves. There’s a page of costuming patterns and another for accessories.

An easy sewing project for beginners and skilled crafters (maybe oldsters and youngsters?) to work on together, it’s quite likely to turn into a family tradition. Children under 10 will most likely need adult accompaniment in order to succeed unless they already have a bit of sewing experience. 

About 4 inches tall, these pigs will fit right into the standard 1:12 standard dollhouse using the included cardstock stand pattern. With or without a stand, your little piglet can be a play character, a little face that peeks out of the top of a stocking, an ornament for your tree or tablescape, or a very special package topper.

Your digital download PDF file includes the pattern you can print out on card stock and 20+ pages of fully illustrated instructions (with how to prep boiled wool). Also included are patterns for the optional costumes, accessories, and stand.

This listing is for the digital download pdf file, but if you'd prefer to get an already-printed pattern in the mail, click here.

If you don't want to round up all the supplies you need to make your pig, click here for the everything-but-the-scissors kit that includes the printed pattern and instructions

So how about making a batch of little piglets to prep for the holidays this year? Make different characters and/or enlist the children in your life to design costumes for the characters.

Please note: pigs have small parts and are not suitable for children under 3.

Here’s what you'll need to make each little pig:

Body fabric: 7” x 10” piece of felt, fleece, or boiled wool
Eyes: Opaque black glass seed beads - 3mm (6/0), 2 per pig
   body: all-purpose thread
   eyes: button & craft thread
Polyester stuffing: small amount for head
Card stock or thick paper for pattern pieces

Turning stick: chopstick, pen, etc.
Glue: Strong-holding glue: Beacon Fabri-tac, Aleene’s OK to Wash It, hot glue, permanent glue dots,Tacky
Pen for tracing patterns onto fabric
Needle, scissors, etc.
Fine-point black pen for snout
Clothespins to use for clamps if your glue isn’t instant-hold

Disappearing marker for marking position of eyes
Brown fabric marker for shading
Costume fabric: felt, cottons, wool, tulle, etc.
Notions: narrow ribbon for sashes and bows

Want to scroll for some ideas of what you can do with the little animal finger puppets, visit the Design-Your-Own page or our Customers' Character Gallery.

This pattern is for personal use only. If you have any questions, please email me: