Which Project Is Right for You?

Look for the plus signs to help you decide which projects to pick based on your skill level. Small parts mean these patterns are not suitable as toys for children under 3.

+ Beginning
If you're just starting with fabric and sewing, these patterns explain the sewing and gluing techniques you need to make your own characters. There's plenty of fun for all skill levels and are great to make with kids. You can adjust the division of labor with your young co-designers. Children have different levels of coordination and concentration, but on average, could complete a beginning project with little adult assistance at age 9 and above.These patterns are appropriate for ages 12+ to complete on their own.

++ Intermediate
if you've sewn before and feel confident with basic stitches and handling fabric, this level will let you make sophisticated characters and clothe them from your imagination. But don't pass on the beginning projects--there's plenty there to exercise your creativity by starting with the basic constructions and embellishing from your own design ideas.

+++ Expert 
Are you a quilter, embroiderer, or other stitcher? Any and all levels will work for you. You'll have lots of options for character creation that will let you build wonders. A special benefit for experts is finding new uses for the materials you already have in your hoard or scrapbasket.

Extra credit for upcycling and using up scraps!